Listed below are the nominees for Best Paper, Best Student Paper and Best Technology Design Paper.

Best Paper Candidates
#71 Constructing a digital authentic learning playground by a mixed reality platform and a robot Chi-Hung CHEN, Yu-Ling CHI, Chia-Jung WU, Chih-Shien LI & Gwo-Dong CHEN
#72 Form-Wise Error Detection in a FonF-Based Language Education System Makoto KONDO, Yoko DAICHO, Ryo SANO, Yasuhiro NOGUCHI, Satoru KOGURE, Tatsuhiro KONISHI & Yukihiro ITOH
#82 Analysis of the Learner Content Creation Process in a 1:1 Seamless Idiom Learning Environment Lung-Hsiang WONG, Chee-Kuen CHIN, Chee-Lay TAN, May LIU, Ying ZHAN
#201 Integrating Social Networking Site into Teaching and Learning Yih-Ruey JUANG
#217 Researching Online Learning Activities: What counts? Habibah AB JALIL & Nooreen NOORDIN
#248 The significance of emotional support to students in game-based learning Morris S.Y. JONG, Junjie SHANG, Fong-Lok LEE & Jimmy H.M. LEE
Best Student Paper Candidates
#28 Designing a Desktop Virtual Reality-based Learning Environment with Emotional Consideration Kee Man CHUAH, Chwen Jen CHEN & Chee Siong TEH
#103 Collboard: Supporting New Media Literacies and Collaborative Learning Using Digital Pens and Interactive Whiteboards Claudio ALVAREZ, Marcelo MILRAD & Miguel NUSSBAUM
#104 Real world edutainment based on flexible game story Yusuke NODA, Hiroyuki MITSUHARA, Kazuhide KANENISHI & Yoneo YANO
#166 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Adaptive Tutorial Dialogues in EER-Tutor Amali WEERASINGHE, Antonija MITROVIC, Martin van ZIJL & Brent MARTIN
#184 Presentation Based Learning Support System to Facilitate Meta-Learning Communications Daijiro NOGUCHI, Kazuhisa SETA, Minoru FUJIWARA & Mitsuru IKEDA
#270 Applying Social Media for Encouraging Mutual Support and Social Creativity Shu-Yuan TAO, Tsung-Yen CHUANG, Wei-Hung CHEN, Chen-Chung LIU, Baw-Jhiune LIU
Best Technology Design Paper Candidates
#24 AR-supported sketch learning environment by drawing from learner-selectable viewpoint Kazuya SHIROUCHI, Masato SOGA & Hirokazu TAKI
#54 An evaluation of generated question sequences based on competency modelling Onjira SITTHISAK & Lester GILBERT
#60 An Interactive Environment for Learning by Problem-Changing Sho YAMAMOTO, Hiromi WAKI & Tsukasa HIRASHIMA
#89 Ubiquitous Learning Log: What if we can log our ubiquitous learning? Hiroaki OGATA, Mengmeng LI, Bin HOU, Noriko UOSAKI, Moushir EL-BISHOUTY & Yoneo YANO
#216 Enabling Students to Seek Computer-based Scaffolds for Solving Mathematical Word Problems Hercy N. H. CHENG, Yana C. Y. HUANG & Jennifer M.S. WU