Interactive Event on SG-LAB: A 3-D interactive tool
for geometry education

November 29 or 30, 2010 (Half-Day)
Putrajaya, Malaysia



The main purpose of this interactive event is to introduce the audience a free but highly interactive tool, SG-LAB, for students to learn solid geometry. It is also a helpful tool for teachers to use in class with its feature of computer assisted visualization. Both teachers and students find it hard to teach and understand three-dimensional geometry in classroom. One reason to explain the situation is that both students and teachers have limited spatial awareness themselves. Another reason is the lack of resources for teachers to conduct instruction clearly and efficiently in class. Dynamic geometry software is designed with the rationale for students to explore, discover, experiment and validate their hypothesis. As dynamic geometry software has the potential to develop one's spatial skill, SG-LAB inherits this features. This event is designed to show how teachers might benefit from using it to plan and conduct lesson instantly. Features of the tools and exemplary uses based on high school curriculum are delineated.


This event composes of three sections:

  1. a presentation of dynamic geometry software
  2. a tutorial on SG-LAB -
  3. a demonstration of high-school lesson using SG-LAB.

For the presentation, the design principles of SG-LAB is highlighted together with a comparison of available dynamic geometry software such as Cabri and Geometria. The second section is for participants to experience the feature and user friendliness of SG-LAB. It begins with simple 3-D geometry which introduces the functions built in the programme. After that, a high-school geometry lesson is demonstrated using this tool for participants to gain practicalities from the perspective of a classroom teacher. It is expected that after completion of the event, participants might be better informed of the dynamic geometry software available in the market and gain an overall features of the tool and experience SG-LAB.


All registered participants of the conference are entitled to join the interactive event without additional participation fees. Interested party needs to enroll in this event by sending an e-mail to with the subject <ICCE10 Interactive Event: SGLAB> before 8 October 2010.


Chan, Kan Kan
Faculty of Education
University of Macau

Wai, Fai Leung
Honorary Chairman of Macau Computer Assocation