The 18th International Conference on Computers in Education, ICCE 2010

November 29, 2010 (Monday) to December 3, 2010 (Friday)
Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Organized by the Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education
Hosted by the Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.

  C1: ICCE Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education/Intelligent Tutoring System (AIED/ITS) and Adaptive Learning
  Full paper  
An Interactive Environment for Learning by Problem-Changing 1
        Sho YAMAMOTO, Hiromi WAKI & Tsukasa HIRASHIMA
Form-Wise Error Detection in a FonF-Based Language Education System 9
        Makoto KONDO, Yoko DAICHO, Ryo SANO, Yasuhiro NOGUCHI, Satoru KOGURE, Tatsuhiro KONISHI & Yukihiro ITOH
Interactive Question-Posing Environment for Beginners' English Learning 17
        Baowei LIN, Tsukasa HIRASHIMA & Hidenobu KUNICHIKA
Ontological Modeling for Reflective Instructional Design: A Case Study on Modeling a Lesson Plan 25
        Yusuke HAYASHI, Toshinobu KASAI & Riichiro MIZOGUCHI
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Adaptive Tutorial Dialogues in EER-Tutor 33
        Amali WEERASINGHE, Antonija MITROVIC, Martin VAN ZIJL & Brent MARTIN
Short paper
A New Perspective for Metacognition-Driven Learning 41
        Michiko KAYASHIMA & Riichiro MIZOGUCHI
Automatically Grading the Use of Language in Learner Summaries 46
        Iraide ZIPTRIA, Ana ARRUARTE & Jon A. ELORRIGA
Building an Ontology-Based System Which Supports the Instructional Design Process 51
          Toshinobu KASAI, Kazuo NAGANO & Riichiro MIZOGUCHI  
  The Relationships Between Sequences of Affective States and Learner Achievement 56
          Ma. Mercedes T. RODRIGO, Ryan S.J.d. BAKER & Julieta Q. NABOS  
  Towards Generic Visualisation Tools and Techniques for Adaptive E-Learning 61
          Dietrich ALBERT, Alexander NUSSBAUMER & Christina M. STEINER  
  Development of an Intelligent Practice Supporting System for High School Chemistry 66
          Tatsuhiro KONISHI, Yoshiaki OKADA, Daisuke IIZUKA & Yukihiro ITOH  
  Predicting Student's Appraisal of Feedback in an ITS Using Previous Affective States and Continuous Affect Labels from EEG Data 71
          Paul Salvador INVENTADO, Roberto LEGASPI, The Duy BUI & Merlin SUAREZ  
  A Learning Environment for Solution-based Problem-Posing in Multi-Digit Subtraction 76
          Takahito TOMOTO, Masaharu ICHI, Tsukasa HIRASHIMA & Akira TAKEUCHI  
  Drawing Dynamic Geometry Figures with Natural Language 81
          Wing-Kwong WONG, Sheng-Kai YIN & Chang-Zhe YANG  
  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Multiple Open Student Models in EER-Tutor 86
          Dandi DUAN, Antonija MITROVIC & Neville CHURCHER  
  A Tutoring System Using an Emotion-Focused Strategy to Support Learners 89
          Mohd Zaliman Mohd YUSOFF & Benedict DU BOULAY  
  Experimental Study for Design of Computational Learning Support to Enhance Problem Posing 92
          Kazuaki KOJIMA, Kazuhisa MIWA & Tatsunori MATUI  
  Designing an Interactive and Visual Environment for Term Paper Grading Support System in Higher Education 95
          Mio TSUBAKIMOTO  
  Interactive Learning Environment Designed Based on A Task Model of Problem-Posing 98
          Megumi KURAYAMA & Tsukasa HIRASHIMA  
  Developing an Intelligent Tutoring System for Palm Oil with ASPIRE 101
          Sagaya AMALATHAS, Antonija MITROVIC, Ravan SARAVANAN & David EVISON  
  Mining Collective Knowledge for Reconstructing Learning Resource 104
          Koichi OTA & Akihiro KASHIHARA  
  Predicting the Difficulty Level Faced by Academic Achievers based on Brainwave Analysis 107
          Judith AZCARRAGA, Merlin Teodosia SUAREZ & Paul Salvador INVENTADO  
  A Statistical Approach on Automatic Passage Level Checking Framework for English Learner 110
          Wasan NA CHAI, Taneth RUANGRAJITPAKORN & Thepchai SUPNITHI  
  C2: ICCE Conference on Computer-supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) and Learning Sciences  
  Full papers  
  Effects of Knowledge Building on Elementary Students’ Views of Collaboration
          Huang-Yao HONG, Po-Hsien WANG, Ming HONG, & Ching Sing CHAI  
  Constructing a Digital Authentic Learning Playground by a Mixed Reality Platform and a Robot 121
          Chin-Yeh WANG, Chi-Hung CHEN, Chia-Jung WU, Yu-Ling CHI, Jih-Hsien LEE & Gwo-Dong CHEN  
  Comprehensive Computational Support for Collaborative Learning from Writing 129
          Peter REIMANN, Rafael CALVO, Kalina YACEF & Vilaythong SOUTHAVILAY  
  Presentation Based Learning Support System to Facilitate Meta-Learning Communications 137
          Daijiro NOGUCHI, Kazuhisa SETA, Minoru FUJIWARA & Mitsuru IKEDA  
  A Tripartite Model of Co-designing for an iMVT Integrated Science Curriculum 145
          Xiaoxuan YE, Baohui ZHANG & Pei Chun CHIA  
  Exploring Interactive Patterns among Students in Competitive Games by a Mixed Approach 153
          Calvin C.Y. LIAO, Zhi-Hong CHEN, Euphony F. Y. YANG, Fei-Ching CHEN, & Tak-Wai CHAN  
  Short papers  
  Changing the Reading Attitude of Young Children through Facebook 161
          Siam Hong NG, Ching Sing CHAI & Siong Yew YEE  
  Scenario-Based MUVEs in the Science Classroom: Pre-service teachers’ Perspectives 166
          Shannon Kennedy-CLARK & Peter REIMANN  
  Programming Learning Support System ‘CAPTAIN’ with Motivational Study Model 171
          Yuuko YAMAKAWA, Masanori OHSHIRO, Kotaro MATSUSHITA, Kenneth J. Mackin & Eiji NUNOHIRO  
  Pattern-Based Knowledge Building in Learning Organizations 176
          Christina MATSCHKE, Johannes MOSKALIUK, Franziska ARNOLD & Ulrike CRESS  
  A Language Learning System with Automatic Feedback: An Application Based on a English-Chinese Parallel Corpus  
          Wing-Kwong WONG, Mei-Ling YANG & Tsung-Kai CHAO 181
  A Method for Detecting Focusing Utterance through Discussion in Collaborative Learning 186
          Yuki HAYASHI, Tomoko KOJIRI & Toyohide WATANABE  
  The Impact of Learning Styles and Instructional Methods on Students’ Recall and Retention in Programming Education 191
          Hui-Hui TIE & Irfan Naufal UMAR  
  The Effectiveness of Web-Based Instruction and Cooperative Learning on the students’ listening and speaking skills in Mandarin Language Learning 196
          GOH Ying Soon & Irfan Naufal UMAR  
  Optimization of a Cooperative Programming Learning System by Using a Constructivist Approach 201
          Iwen HUANG, Gwo-Jen HWANG ;& I-Jung YANG  
  A Blog-Based Peer Assessment Model to Support Pupils’ Composition Activity 206
          Tzu-Chao CHIEN, Zhi-Hong CHEN & Tak-Wai CHAN  
  Study on Learning Effect by Active Manipulation using Tangible Solar System Teaching Equipment 211
          Norio SETOZAKI, Tutomu IWASAKI & Yusuke MORITA  
  A Computerized Approach to Group Discussion and Decision Making 214
          Omid MOTLAGH, TANG Sai Hong, Abdul Rahman RAMLI & Napsiah ISMAIL  
  The Effect on Using Automatic Machine Translation for Motivating Reading Skill 217
  C3: ICCE Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Open Contents, and Standards  
  Full papers  
  An Evaluation of Generated Question Sequences Based on Competency Modelling 220
          Onjira SITTHISAK & Lester GILBERT  
  A Virtual Chinese Language Class in Second Life: Lessons Learnt from a Two-Month Pilot Study 228
          Y. H. KAN., Y. J. LAN, Indy Y.T. HSIAO & Stephen J.H. YANG  
  Effects of Automatic Hidden Caption Classification on a Content-based Computer-Assisted Language Learning System for Foreign Language Listening 236
          Ching-Kun HSU & Chih-Kai CHANG  
  Integrating Social Networking Site into Teaching and Learning 244
          Yih-Ruey JUANG  
  Applying Social Media for Encouraging Mutual Support and Social Creativity 252
          Shu-yuan TAO, Wei-Hung CHEN, Chen-Chung LIU, Baw-Jhiune LIU & Tsung-Yen CHUANG  
  Short papers  
  A Novel Approach for Assisting Teachers in Assessment of Student Reading Ability in web-based Learning Environment 260
          Jun Ming CHEN, Meng Chang CHEN & Yeali S. SUN  
  Development of Class and Learning Materials Design Tool based on Instructional Design 265
          Shigeru SASAKI & Hiroyoshi WATANABE  
  Lecture Video and Scene-related  Knowledge Sharing Common Platform Design and its Prototyping
-A Practical Example of Learner-centric Open Video Content Service-
          Tadashi NAKANISHI, Satoshi SHIMADA, Akira KOJIMA & Yoshimi FUKUHARA  
  A Technique for Error Awareness in Pencil Drawing 275
          Noriyuki MATSUDA, Tsukasa HIRASHIMA, Tomoya HORIGUCHI & Hirokazu TAKI  
  Shared Virtual Presentation Board for e-Communication on the WebELS Platform 280
          Arjulie John BERENA, Zheng HE, Pao SRIPRASERTSUK, Sila CHUNWIJITRA, Eiji OKANO & Haruki UENO  
  Recommendation and Diagnosis Services for Presentation Semantics 285
          Shinobu HASEGAWA, Akihide TANIDA & Akihiro KASHIHARA  
  Kit-Build Concept Map and Its Preliminary Evaluation 290
          Kazuya YAMASAKI, Hiroyuki FUKUDA, Tsukasa HIRASHIMA, & Hideo FUNAOI  
  Development of Pipeline Time Chart Tool for Microprocessor Design Education 295
          Tomoyuki MORIMOTO & Toshiyuki TSUTSUMI  
  A Modeling Language for Supporting Evidence-based Nursing Processes 298
          I-PING KO & Jiann-I PAN  
  Development of Streaming Contents Generation System for Rapid e-Learning 301
          Seiichi KAMAGA, Kazutake KOZONO, Mamoru SUEMITSU, Tsuyoshi KIYAN, Yasuhiro OHSHIMA, & Hidenori AKIYAMA  
  Design and Implementation of Synchronized data with e-Learning Systems 304
          Yuki ISHIKAWA, Kazuhide KANENISHI, Kenji MATSUURA, Hiroyuki MITSUHARA and Yoneo YANO  
  Augmenting LMS with Repository System to facilitate Content Sharing 307
  Development of IR Tool for Tree-Structured MathML-based Mathematical Descriptions 310
          Tetsuya WATANABE, Yoshinori MIYAZAKI  
  Web-based Teaching Practice System Design for Pre-service Teacher 313
          Shu ZHAO, Ronghuai HUANG, Guoqing ZHAO & Qiong WANG  
  Development and Practical Use of Assignment Report Grading System on Economics courses 316
          Mai OKUDA & Tsukasa HIRASHIMA  
  Development of Multimedia Terminal that Uses Personal Tempo 319
          Kazuhiro SHIGETA  
  Everyone Wants Web 2.0 322
          Shaun NYKVIST, Craig DALY & Jared RING  
  Evaluating an Ontology-based e-Learning Data model Using the TAM mode 325
          Mohammad Hossein KADIVAR & Chien-Sing LEE  
  C4: ICCE Conference on Classroom, Ubiquitous, and Mobile Technologies Enhanced Learning (CUMTEL)  
  Full papers  
  Lecture Improvement based on Twitter Logs and Lecture Video using p-HInT 328
          Noriko HANAKAWA & Masaki OBANA  
  Development of a Game Type Food Education System Using a Cell Phone Camera 336
          Yasuhisa OKAZAKI, Ryouhei IWAJASHI, Hisaharu TANAKA, Kenzi WATANABE & Makiko TAKENAKA  
  Development and Evaluation of the Flower Identification Database for Mobile with a Geo-tagged Picture Map 344
          Hitoshi MIYATA, Mitsuo ISHIGAMI, Machiko SANNOMIYA & Erika MATSUSHITA  
  Analysis of the Learner Content Creation Process in a 1:1 Seamless Idiom Learning Environment 352
          Lung-Hsiang WONG, Chee-Kuen CHIN, Chee-Lay TAN, May LIU & Ying ZHAN  
  Ubiquitous Learning Log: What if we can log our ubiquitous learning? 360
          Hiroaki OGATA, Mengmeng LI, Bin HOU, Noriko UOSAKI, Moushir M.EL-BISHOUTY & Yoneo YANO  
  Collboard: Supporting New Media Literacies and Collaborative Learning Using Digital Pens and Interactive Whiteboards 368
          Claudio ALVAREZ, Marcelo MILRAD & Miguel NUSSBAUM  
  Transforming Primary Science Learning via a Mobilized Curriculum for Sustainability 376
          Baohui ZHANG, Lung-Hsiang WONG, Peter SEOW & Gean CHIA  
  Development of Real-world Oriented Mobile Constellation Learning Environment using Gaze Pointing 384
          Masahito OHAMA, Yoshikazu EHARA, Masato SOGA & Masafumi MIWA  
  Short papers  
  Can a Collaborative Note-taking Method Facilitate External Connections between Lecture Material and Students’ Prior Knowledge: An Experimental Study 392
          Akio O SHIRO, Mio TSUBAKIMOTO, Satoshi KITAMURA & Yuhei YAMAUCHI  
  Development and Evaluation of a Presentation Software for Web programming Language Teaching 397
          Hidekazu KAMINISHI & Masao MUROTA  
  Tracking Classroom Activities in Mobile Technology-Mediated Lessons 402
          Siu Cheung KONG, Gary CHENG & Man Lee LIU  
  Can one-to-one Computing Help Children Learn Cooperatively? 407
          Ivica BOTICKI, Lung-Hsiang WONG & Chee-Kit LOOI  
  Assessment of Student Outcomes of Mobile Game-Based Learning 412
          Susan GWEE, Yam-San CHEE, Ek-Ming TAN  
  Remote Training-Support of Running Form for Runners with Wireless Sensor 417
          Naka GOTODA, Kenji MATSUURA, Shinji OTSUKA, Toshio TANAKA & Yoneo YANO  
  A Mobile Application for Collecting Numerical and Multimedia Data during Experiments and Field Trips in Inquiry Learning 422
          Adam GIEMZA, Oliver KUNTKE & H. Ulrich HOPPE  
  Design and Implementation of a mobile game-based system to Support Chinese language speaking for International Students in a Chinese Environment 427
          Sara REINA & Shelley S. C. YOUNG  
  A Tetris Game to Support Students’ Mental Computation: Design and Evaluation 432
          Charles Y. C. YEH, Hercy N.H. CHENG, Zhi-Hong CHEN, Calvin C.Y. LIAO & Tak-Wai CHAN  
  Basic Consideration to Improve Self-Regulatory Skills Using Mobile Devices 437
          Yuki AOKI, Kazuhisa SETA & Masahiko OKAMOTO  
  Using mobile-memo to Support Knowledge Acquisition and Posting-question in an Mobile Learning Environment 442
          Yu-Feng LAN & Pei-Wei TSAI  
  The effect of a system with GPS and e-map on junior high school student’s achievement and sense of direction in geography m-learning 447
          Yu-Feng LAN & Yu-Hsien WANG  
  Mobile Virtual Devices for Collaborative M-Learning 452
          Didac GIL DE LA IGLESIA, Jesper ANDERSSON & Marcelo MILRAD  
  Supporting Awareness of Learning Partners for Mobile Language Learning 457
          Chengjiu YIN, Yoshiyuki TABATA, Hiroaki OGATA & Yoneo YANO  
  Understanding the Features of Digital Pen Use in Initial Introductory Lessons 461
          Masahiro NAGAI & Takeshi KITAZAWA  
  An Enhancement Model for Motivation on Learning Sentence Combining 466
          C. C. LAO, S. H. HSU, J. H. WANG & T. W. CHAN  
  Use of ICT for Training in Simultaneous Singing and Piano Playing and the Improvements it Achieves 471
          Katsuko T. NAKAHIRA, Miki AKAHANE & Yukiko FUKAMI  
  A Feasibility Study of Applying MMS for Mobile Learning of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 474
          Chiu-Pin LIN, Meei-Hwey LEE, Lung-Hsiang WONG & Yinjuan SHAO  
  Prototyping Paper-Top Interface as Note-taking Support 477
          Toshiyuki MORIYAMA, Hiroyuki MITSUHARA & Yoneo YANO  
  Delivering e-Learning Contents through Mobile Technology: UNITEN Case Study
          Mohd Hazli MOHAMED ZABIL, Mohd Zaliman MOHD YUSOFF & Azlan YUSOF
  Exploration Study on Group Work with Interactive Whiteboard and Computer Feedback System for Primary Students 483
          Tsung-Ho LIANG, Shu-Chuan TU, Ya-Kuei HUANG, Yen-Ning SU & Yueh-Min HUANG  
  Evaluation of TERAKOYA Learning System Linking Multi-point Remote Users as Supplementary Lessons 486
          Yusuke NISHIUCHI, Naohisa MATSUUCHI, Haruya SHIBA, Kenichiro FUJIWARA, Takumi YAMAGUCHI & Takahiko MENDORI  
  Meta Analysis on the Digital Textbook’s Effectiveness on Learning Attitude 489
          Young Min SEO & Young Jun LEE  
  Design of New Electronic Blackboard Management System for A Japanese teaching style 492
          Takeshi SAKURADA  
  Cultivating the Performance of Presentation through Monitoring Presenter’s Action 495
          Kiyotaka KUNIHIRA, Kenji MATSUURA & Yoneo YANO  
  Changing Classroom into Exciting Learning Space by Entertainment Computing Approach 498
          Hiroyuki MITSUHARA, Toshinori MATSUI, Junko KAGAWA, Kazuhide KANENSHI & Yoneo YANO  
  C5: ICCE Conference on Game and Toy Enhanced Learning and Society (GTEL&S)  
  Full papers  
  Pronunciation Instruction using CG Animation based on Articulatory Features 501
          Yurie IRIBE, Takuro MORI, Kouichi KATSURADA & Tsuneo NITTA  
  Real World Edutainment Based on Flexible Game Story 509
          Yusuke NODA, Hiroyuki MITSUHARA, Kazuhide KANENISHI & Yoneo YANO  
  The Effect of Scaffolding Support on Programming Performance and the Use of Self-regulation in Learning Computer Programming 517
          Hsiao-lan LEE, Han, Yi-TI & Ming-Puu CHEN  
  The Significance of Emotional Support to Students in Game-based Learning 525
          Morris S. Y. JONG, Junjie SHANG, Fong-Lok LEE & Jimmy H. M. LEE  
  Short papers  
  AR-Supported Sketch Learning Environment by Drawing from Learner-Selectable Viewpoint 533
          Kazuya SHIROUCHI, Masato SOGA & Hirokazu TAKI  
  Detection and Improvement of Low Efficient Learning Game Made by Automatic Generator 538
          Takanobu UMETSU, Tsukasa HIRASHIMA, & Akira TAKEUCHI  
  Changing Science Classroom Discourse toward Doing Science: The Design of a Game-based Learning Curriculum 543
          Mingfong JAN, Yam San CHEE & Ek Ming TAN  
  My-Investment: Simulation Games to Help Primary Students Learn Financial Management 548
          Zhi-Hong CHEN, Hui-Wen WU, Yi-Chian LI & Tak-Wai CHAN  
  A Preliminary Study of Promoting Students’ Effort-Making by Preparation-before-Competitive Game 553
          Calvin C. Y. LIAO, Maureen WU, Zhi-Hong CHEN, Nicole Yu-Hsin CHEN & Tak-Wai CHAN  
  Interaction Design Based on Augmented Reality Technologies for English Vocabulary Learning 558
          Min-Chai HSIEH & Hao-Chiang Koong LIN  
  Designing a Negotiation Mechanism to Engage Students in Learning Mathematics 563
          Oskar Y. M. KU, Willson LIN & Tak-Wai CHAN  
  A Preliminary Study on the Use of Second Life for Career Counseling 568
          Fu-Yun YU, Ben CHANG, Hsiao-Ting HSIEH & Yan Yin CHEN  
  Using Handheld Gaming Device to Increase Multiple Intelligences with Digital Puzzle Game 571
          Tsung-Yen CHUANG, Sheng-Hsiung SU & Yi-Ping TSAO  
  A Practice and Evaluation of Game-based Learning Environment for Linear Equation 574
          Ryo TAKAOKA, Masayuki SHIMOKAWA, Toshiaki HONDA & Toshio OKAMOTO  
  Students’ Competitive Preferences on Multiple Mice Classroom Interactive Environment 577
          Ben CHANG, Chien Wen CHEN & Spes HO  
  Creative Writing: A Study Investigating Factors Influencing Creativity in Writing and their Outcomes 580
          Stefanie Xinyi CHONG, Chien-Sing LEE & Junaidi ABDULLAH  
  C6: ICCE Conference on Technology, Pedagogy and Education  
  Full papers  
  Integrating Technology in the Classroom: Favourable Conditions for Teachers’ Upward Developmental Trajectories 583
          Fang Hao CHEN, Chee-Kit LOOI & Wenli CHEN  
  The Cognitive Effects of Different Feedback Modalities in Virtual Reality Learning 591
          Sze Cha TAN & Chwen Jen CHEN  
  Designing a Desktop Virtual Reality-based Learning Environment with Emotional Consideration 599
          Kee Man CHUAH, Chwen Jen CHEN & Chee Siong THE  
  Appreciative Learning Approach: A New Pedagogical Option 607
          Yee Leng EOW, Wan Ali WAN ZAH, Mahmud ROSNAINI & Baki ROSELAN  
  E-learning System Design with Humor and Empathy Interaction by Virtual Human to Improve Students’ Learning 615
          Chin-Yeh WANG, Shu-Yu KE, Hui-Chun CHUANG, He-Yun TSENG & Gwo-Dong CHEN  
  Blended Learning in Higher Education: An Exploration of Teaching Approaches 623
          Allan H.K. YUEN  
  Pre-Service Teachers’ ICT Experiences and Competencies: New Generation of Teachers in Digital Age 631
          Wenli CHEN, Carolyn LIM & Ashley TAN  
  Enabling Students to Seek Computer-based Scaffolds for Solving Mathematical Word Problems 639
          Hercy N. H. CHENG, Yana C.Y. HUANG, Euphony F. Y. YANG, Jennifer M.S. WU, & Tak-Wai CHAN  
  Researching Online Learning Activities: What counts? 647
          Habibah AB JALIL & Nooreen NOORDIN  
  Towards Creative Reasoning: Scaffolding Systems Thinking and Decision-Making 655
          Chien-Sing LEE  
  Short papers  
  Children Transmedia and Virtual Experiences Inside and Outside the Classrooms 663
          Pilar LACASA  
  Web-based Tools for Science Teaching In Lower Primary School 668
          Lye Sze YEE  
  An Evaluation of a Specialized Portable System for Tertiary Distance Teaching of ESOL 673
          Norlaila HUSSAIN, Russell JOHNSON & Elizabeth KEMP  
  Investigation and Analysis on the Development Trends of Learning Management System over the Past Five Years (From 2005 to 2009) 678
          Yen-Ting LIN, Shu-Hsien HUANG, Ting-Ting WU, Yi-Chun LIN, Yu-Sheng YANG, Yueh-Min HUANG & Shu-Chen CHENG  
  Online Originality Checking and Online Assessment - an Extension of Academics or Disruption for Academics 683
          Esyin CHEW & Trevor PRICE  
  Aesthetic Aspect of CAI Courseware to Developmental Disability Children Learning 688
          Ki Sang SONG, Jung A LEE & Jae Kyung KIM  
  Design of the Convergence Study Program based Educational-Robot 693
          Jung Ho HUR, Dongsoo NAM, Soon Beom KWON &Tae Wuk LEE  
  A Framework of User-Driven Data Analytics in the Cloud for Course Management 698
          Jie ZHANG, William Chandra TJHI, Bu Sung LEE, Kee Khoon LEE, Julita VASSILEVA & Chee Kit LOOI  
  Opinions on Future Research Themes for Technology-Enhanced Learning: A Delphi Study. 703
          Christine PLESCH, Malte JANSEN, Anne DEIGLMAYR, Nikol RUMMEL, Hans SPADA, Nina HEINZE & Ulrike CRESS  
  A Study of the POS Keyword Caption Effect on Listening Comprehension 708
          Jie Chi YANG, Chia Ling CHANG, Yi Lung LIN & Mei Jen Audrey SHIH  
  The Effect of the Preceding Graphic Organizer on Learning Attitude to Programming and Problem Solving Ability of Middle School Students 713
          Tae young KIM, Jong Han KIM, Chun Hee HWANG & Hyunjong CHOE  
  A Model for Social Presence in an Online Classroom 718
          Chun-Wang WEI, Nian-Shing CHEN & KINSHUK  
  The Effects of Scaffolding-Based  Courseware for The Scratch Programming Learning on Student Problem Solving Skill 723
          Dongsoo NAM, Yungsik KIM & Taewook LEE  
  Computer Ethics Education based on ARCS Strategy for Students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities 728
          Jung-Hyun RYU, Kil-Mo KIM & Seong-Sik KIM  
  Recognition and Interaction Analysis of IIBS aided Distance Computing Teaching-Learning Model 733
          Byoung Chan GWAK & Young Jun LEE  
  Analyzing the Effects of Peer Review Activities in the EFL Writings 738
          Sayuri YOSHIZAWA, Takao TERANO & Atsushi YOSHIKAWA  
  The Effectiveness of Inductive Discovery Learning in 1: 1 Mathematics Classroom 743
          Euphony F. Y. YANG, Calvin C. Y. LIAO, Emily, CHING, Tina, CHANG, & Tak-Wai CHAN  
  Mechanism Design on Coursework Grading to Create Incentives for Student Learning 748
          Julita VASSILEVA, Ralph DETERS & Jie ZHANG  
  Can E-mails as Reminder Enhance English Learning on the English Learning System? 753
          Chih-Hung LAI, Pei-Ping LUO, Hui-Chun LIU & Jing-San LIANG  
  Teachers’ Technology Professional Development: A Malaysia Perspective 758
          Mas Nida MD KHAMBARI, Su Luan WONG, Ahmad Fauzi MOHD AYUB & Priscilla MOSES  
  A Report on Investigation of Digital Literacies among Child, Teacher, University Student 763
          Wakio OYANAGI & Toshiaki HONDA  
  Computer-Supported Freewriting:Improving Writing Attitude and Idea Generation 768
          Shih-Hsun HSU, Andrew Chan-Chio LAO, Jen-Hang WANG,& An-Tien CHANG  
  An Innovation Diffusion Approach to Online Student Question-Generation and its Effects on the Relationship of Perceived Task Value and Learning Approach 773
          Chun-Ping WU & Fu-Yun YU  
  Learning with Mario Bros: Living in Virtual Worlds Outside the Classroom 776
          Pilar LACASA & Rut MARTÍNEZ-BORDA  
  (A) Study on the Development of a Class Model of Computer Ethics Based on TPB 779
          Ja-Young JUNG, Kil-Mo KIM & Seong-Sik KIM  
  Designing Sentence Combining System to Enhance Students’ Proposition Comprehension 782
          Nicole Yu-Hsin CHEN, Calvin C. Y. LIAO & Tak-Wai CHAN  
  Fluid Structures and behavior in inculcating Creative Reasoning 785
          Chien-Sing LEE  
  Teachers’ Perception of Administrators Support towards the Integration of Laptops in Schools: An Exploratory Study 788
          Priscilla MOSES & Su Luan WONG  
  International Chinese Student Teachers’ Professional Development and ICT Integration 791
          Dong YAN, Hong Xuan-RONG & Wang Hong-LI  
  A Pen-Based System to Support Mathematics Problem Solving and Peer Assessment for Pupils 794
          Solars, Y. W. CHENG, Edia, L. Y. CHEN, Rey, R. Y. RAU, Winston, M. C. WU & Tak-Wai CHAN